Goodbye school days, Au Revoir Toronto

Happy new year, my dear bloggers and readers. I've been so busy these days because... I'm back to Indonesia! yes, for good! Although I'm going back to Toronto on June for my graduation ceremony, I'm sad leaving all my friends and this awesome city. Yet I'm excited to start a new life. It's summer all year round here in Indonesia! Isn't it great?!

I took pictures of my last winter outfit in Toronto before I threw my UGG away. This is my typical school outfit. Some people might not like UGG boots. When I first came to Canada, I did hate them so much. I thought these are the ugliest boots I've ever seen. Until one day I tried them on after walking the whole day during a super cold day, I felt like I was in Heaven. *exaggerated* Oh well, these are not the most fashionable boots, but these are the most comfy winter boots which are totally perfect for Toronto weather.


Snake skin leggings

I was so happy when I received this snake skin leggings which I bought on eBay the other day. I thought it was black when I saw it on the picture. But this reddish brown is actually the perfect color! I keep the rest of my outfit really simple, so the snake skin print can stand out.


Pythons do not have venom

The other day, I went to Lowe's Christmas Market. It is located at the Distillery District, Toronto's historic district with red brick-lined street. I've been loving this place so much because there are lots of cafe, restaurants, and art shops. It's a great place for hanging out with friends. This event made this place even better. The decoration was beautiful, especially in the evening. Sadly, I went on its last day, which is last Sunday.


Coco Chanel Inspired Tweed

Who doesn't love Chanel tweed jacket? But, mine is actually from H&M. It is so Coco Chanel inspired yet at a fraction of the price. I also got it on sale few days ago!


Metallic is in the air

Yay! Exams were done. And yes, my life won't be completed without post-exam shopping! Not much, just getting some basic tees at Eaton, and some holiday nail polishes. Okay I lied! I ended up buying some new clothes which will be worn and posted in the next posts. *Guilty pleasure*  
Eaton centre is right across the street from my campus. They always put this huge Christmas tree covered by Swarovski crystals every year, yet I never took a single picture of it. And this year, they also add some giant metal reindeers. Hence, my metallic outfit is inspired by their shiny metal!


Say yellow!

Here I am writing this post when I'm supposed to be studying for my exam. But, how can you resist this lovely weather?! Although it's still chilly, but Mr. Sunshine kept calling me to take some pictures outside. Even Chloe (my adorable Maltese) was asking me to take a stroll! *but she always does anyway, lol.



Final exam period is here! And yet I'm having this pre-exam shopping, when I'm supposed to be studying. How can you resist all those sale and discounts?! tee hee. 


GIVEAWAY: My First YSL and More Giveaway

As holiday season is coming up, I would like to thank all of my readers and followers for the love and supports that you all have given to me and my blog. So, I'm holding my first ever giveaway! Yay! And the prizes are: *drumroll*

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte #26 Tender Peach, Longchain Silver Necklace from local boutique, and H&M Envelope clutch (choose either Gold or Black).

I'm giving away three great items that I think my readers would love. This YSL lipstick has been my all time favourite lipstick. I find it very moisturizing as well. And the packaging is definitely very luxurious. It's definitely a must-have item. As my blog is fashion related, accessories are definitely essential! So, one lucky winner will be randomly selected to win all these items.

*** This giveaway is open until 11.59 PM (EST) 16th December 2011. Any entries after this date will not be counted. open INTERNATIONALLY ***

Here are few easy steps to enter:

1) You must be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect.
2) Please leave a comment on my blog telling me you've followed AND which colour of the clutch that you want (Gold or Black).
3) Please provide an e-mail address in your comment for me to contact you if you are the winner.

For Extra Entries (one extra entry for each thing done):

1) Tweet this giveaway saying: @sidneysalim is having YSL and more Giveaway on Pose Posh Post http://poseposhpost.blogspot.com. Variations can be used. A link to the tweet must be provided in a comment on this post.
2) Post about this giveaway. A link to the post must be provided in a comment on this post.


Versace for H&M mini haul and lookbook

The weather has been really bad these days. It's either cloudy or raining. This gloomy weather also reflects my feeling. My friends just went back to Indonesia for good last night. I can totally imagine how sad it is, leaving all my friends after all these years we've been together. And it's going to happen to me in just a month! Despite of all the sad things, let's revamp our mood and cherish my beautiful remaining days in Toronto.

Here's my mini haul for the Versace for H&M collection and how I style them.


Is this preppy enough?

First of all, happy thanksgiving day! Although I prefer to call it Black Friday because thanksgiving in Canada was last month. Hurray for big sale in US. Some stores here also offer black friday sale, though not as much as the stores in US, I'm still going to check it out for sure!


FREE GIVEAWAY: Adopt a Polish

"Everyday thousands of nail polishes are abandoned or abused. They are not sticky, or old, they are fine, new polishes. They are stuck on a shelf, and all they desire is to be used and maybe taken for a night on the town. You can help by applying to adopt an in-need polish. By doing nothing you are ensuring the agony continues. These are new polishes and there is no charge to adopt, all you need to give is your much needed love" - Adopt a Polish

Have you ever think of adopting a child? Right now, I still haven't got a chance to do such a good cause. However, given this opportunity, how about if we start from adopting a nail polish? ;)
For those of us who lives in US and Canada, we can participate in this great opportunity from Adopt a Polish to bring home nail polishes of our choices for FREE.

The first round of adoptions closes on December 31st.

Check out how to apply with this few easy steps:

1. Choose a nail polish that you want to adopt from the current adoption list.

2. Leave a comment below the profile on their website describing why you would be the best parent.

3. Adopt a Polish will pick the best application on December 31st and arrange for free transportation of your new nail polish.

I found this cute website few days ago. It is a genius press release idea from Nail Polish Canada. I found it so adorable that I even applied for adopting the Orly family of four. They have many hilarious applications that totally made my day. Let's support this important "cause" ;)


When Grandpa inherited me a sweater

For those of us who live in US/Canada, today is the launching of Versace for H&M. No, I'm not lining up, I also didn't come super early for shopping the items. I didn't expect to still get stuff that's my size, but I did. Thanks to my sweet bf. I finished work at 4 PM, when my bf was already there picking up some stuff for me ;) I'll share my haul in the next post.


'Teal' the Sun rises

Yay! I just bought a new Macbook Pro. After being loyal to PC throughout my life, I finally convinced myself to get some life changing experience *I'm such a drama queen, lol*
Well, I still love my vaio, so I'm using both now! I use my mac for watching movie, photo editing, etc, and my vaio for some school work. Fair enough? ;)


I'm wearing poppy!

Today is Remembrance Day, also known as Poppy Day, which is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth countries since the end of World War I to remember the armed forces who have died in the line of duty (source: wikipedia).
In Canada, Remembrance Day is a public holiday in all provinces and territories except Ontario and Quebec. Yes, I live in Ontario, so there is no holiday for me.
Well, anyway.. here's my poppy look.


McQueen can make you look like a queen

It's been a great weekend! Even though it's super breezy, but the sun isn't shy at all this week! ♥
I ate at Congee Wong restaurant with my friends just now. Yay for midnight supper! I think it is the best congee place in Toronto. If you live in Toronto and haven't tried this place, you should really try their super bowl congee and spicy turnip. Don't worry, it's not spicy at all, although I'd prefer spicy food. (I've spent almost half of my life living overseas, but my Indonesian spicy food appetite and tolerance still remain :D)
And as usual, we're too hungry to remember to take a picture.


I just need speed on my damier

I'm finally done with my midterms and assignments! Well, not all of them, but most of them that make me worry are done :)
I guess you can tell from my super heavy eye bags and dark circles due to lack of sleep. But thanks to concealer and Clinique eye roller, my dark circles look a lot better in the picture.
The weather has been nice these days. I hope I didn't jinx it! lol.


If I were a boy

Thanks to essays and lab reports, I'm not going anywhere for Halloween. Yes I know, I'm such a nerd ;p I ended up not participating in any costume party, so I just want to wear something different but still wearable in any event.


Highschool is the best moment of your life

Have you ever wished that you had a time traveller? I do. I used to think that being an adult is so much better. But now that I've grown up, I wish I could go back to my childhood, especially during those high school days. Those unforgettable moments that include foolish, naughty, and fun time. They were indeed memorable. I already studied abroad since a very young age. Hence, living in a dorm with a bunch of overseas friends already became my habit.  A bunch of us ate, laughed, and went out altogether. We were just like a big family.

I still remember those days when we tried to make fun of our teacher. The whole class was hiding as if we're skipping his class. But then he found out and became mad that our class monitor had to apologize and beg him to continue teaching us. Yes we were bad, but those small little things make those days so fun and unforgettable. However, we were so close to our teacher that we bought him a huge birthday cake on his birthday.


It's a wild statement piece

I was so excited when I received a missed call from my concierge. You know why? Because I knew that my Forever 21 stuff was finally arrived. This leopard legging is one of the items that I ordered from my favorite store. And I know I'm going to wear it a lot this season, because it's super comfy yet chic. Topshop also sells one like this, and many other stores. All fashionista know that leopard is big for this Fall. It's just a stunning statement piece that can rock a simple outfit into an outstanding one. However, remember a rule of thumb: only wear 1 piece of leopard item at a time. You don't want to be too loud or too out there. Unless you're going for a Halloween party, please don't wear leopard items like a cheap costume.


I'm seeing through the roses

I'm back! featuring this sheer maxi dress that I love so much. Yes, it's a maxi dress that I turned into skirt in this outfit. It has a sheer material that makes this skirt super awesome!
It's been super windy these days. Even the sun is hiding behind the cloud. Toronto only has 4 seasons: early winter, winter, late winter, and extended winter! Lol. Oh well, what can I expect. I always feel like I'm living in North Pole anyways.

Okay enough talking about the seasons, let's talk about my life recently. I've been very busy with midterm tests and assignments. I just can't wait for December to come! Decision was made, ticket was bought, and news was told. Please welcome me back, my tropical country. Life is just like that. You'll never know what's going to happen next, and whether it's going according to your plan or not. To be honest, I'm very anxious but excited at the same time.
Oh btw, I just cut my bangs. I know it's not noticeable because I only cut a little bit to make it shorter. Yeah, I don't like it when my bangs get on my way.
Does anyone love bangs too?


I feel naked without......

As you may noticed, I always wear lots and lots of accessories. I just feel naked without my jewelry. I never walked out of my house without any accessories on.

I buy my accessories in many random places, such as retail store, vintage store, thrift store, online, etc. But I purchase most of my jewelry online because they are usually cheaper than in store. Here I want to share with you one of my favorite online stores based in Indonesia.

Myth Couture. Their accessories are imported from Korea, so they have so many cute items to look for. They have lots and lots of great selections from necklaces to rings, and even hair accessories! They sell good quality accessories with affordable prices. Let me show you some of my favorites:


Just a little bit at the edge

It was very windy and chilly today! October just started his first day, but he already gave Toronto this kind of weather. Some people even start wearing their Winter coat! Oh well. I don't care about the weather, this is still the time to wear some Fall outfits.

Sipping some cosmo with the girls

This photo is part of the ASOS sheer shirt styling series.

  Asos asymmetrical sheer shirt, Forever 21 skinny jeans, Aldo pumps, H&M faux fur collar, accessories from eBay n Forever 21, Topshop belt, Coach clutch

The front part of the shirt is tucked into my dark wash jeans, while leaving the long asymmetrical shape at the back.

This outfit is very suitable for a night-out with the girls. Although a top and jeans might look casual, I purposely add the faux fur collar and the leopard skinny belt to show some wildness to this outfit. Simple black pumps balance it out and make it instantly look chic. Notice how I button the shirt all the way to the top. It immediately gives an elegant touch to this look.

We're ready to go sipping some martinis while chattering with the girls! Have fun!


School is much more FUN with you around

This photo is part of the ASOS sheer shirt styling series.

asos asymmetrical sheer shirt, forever 21 highwaist pants, ardene boots, house of harlow necklace, asos n forever 21 rings, givenchy nightingale satchel

I wear this to school, and also for running errands, because this outfit is so comfortable but still looks chic at the same time.

Upcoming photo series

I'm going to make a series on how I create different style featuring this asymmetrical sheer shirt:

I got this chiffon blouse-shirt from ASOS. It is one of my favorite clothes during Summer, because the material is quite sheer so it is very breathable. However, sheer material can look chic for Fall too! It is so versatile that you can wear it in many different ways, e.g. casual, semi-formal, school-wear, night-out, etc. Hence, I'll show you how I style this shirt in the upcoming posts. Stay tune!


The more you crop, the better it shows

I just want to share some old photos that I took last Spring featuring my favorite highwaisted short from Forever 21. I'm going to miss spring in Toronto.

 sheer crop blouse from indo, forever 21 highwaisted shorts, zara belt, forever 21 eiffel tower earrings, cherry scrunchy from taiwan, burberry watch

forever 21 tanks, zara cardigan, forever 21 highwaist shorts, zara belt, alexander mcqueen scarf

Your fox tail reminded of her deceitful behavior

I wish Summer could stay longer. I love the 6 am rising sun and the 9 pm setting sun. I love the BBQ and beer events during those hot days. I love bikinis at the beach. Aw man, I miss summer! Last but not least, I also love plaids and shorts during summer. It's great for a casual summer day.

old plaid shirt, forever 21 highwaisted shorts, ebay envelope clutch, ebay foxtail keychain, forever 21 rings, tory burch flats

The foxtail key ring is inspired by Celine Prefall '11. It is a perfect attachment for your Celine Box or Celine Envelope Clutch. However, I got a great deal on the foxtail off eBay for less than $30. Looking at the price, it should be a faux foxtail as I did not intend to purchase a real tail in the first place.

Show me jealousy in your eyes

It's been a long time since the last time I wrote a blog post. As I'm getting more free time, I want to dedicate myself to post something again! However, this time I'm going to post about my daily life in Toronto with lots and lots of OOTD (outfit of the day). I know this is kinda late because I'm going back for good to Indonesia soon. But, at least I could write about the remaining days of my Toronto life in my blog, right?

Oh btw, I was using tumblr before, but I decided to create a proper blog here. Now, I use my tumblr to get some fashion inspiration anywhere from designer look to fashion street style. When you have free time, check out my tumblr too: Fashion Pole

zara blouse, red skinny, zara gladiator heels, old belt, forever 21 rings, chanel classic bag

Who says that red skinny can only be worn during Summer? I am totally obsessed with red skinny. I've worn it all the time during Summer, and I still want to wear it for this season. This floral blouse makes this outfit very Fall appropriate. Plus, red skinny is such a statement piece that screams for everybody's attention. So, I think everyone should own at least one statement piece in their wardrobe.
What's your favorite statement piece?
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