Highschool is the best moment of your life

Have you ever wished that you had a time traveller? I do. I used to think that being an adult is so much better. But now that I've grown up, I wish I could go back to my childhood, especially during those high school days. Those unforgettable moments that include foolish, naughty, and fun time. They were indeed memorable. I already studied abroad since a very young age. Hence, living in a dorm with a bunch of overseas friends already became my habit.  A bunch of us ate, laughed, and went out altogether. We were just like a big family.

I still remember those days when we tried to make fun of our teacher. The whole class was hiding as if we're skipping his class. But then he found out and became mad that our class monitor had to apologize and beg him to continue teaching us. Yes we were bad, but those small little things make those days so fun and unforgettable. However, we were so close to our teacher that we bought him a huge birthday cake on his birthday.

Now, we're all going towards our own directions, some are going back to their own countries, some are continuing their studies to other countries, some are staying in Taiwan. So, we rarely meet each other again. I miss those fun times we had together when our only worries were tests and assignments.
Because people always say that high school is the best moment of your life, I'm trying to bring those good memories again in this outfit. The entire outfit is inspired by a high school uniform. The bright pink color reminds me of those cheerful and fun times. And btw, I'm also supporting breast cancer awareness month.

      forever 21 shirt, costa blanca skirt, bow flats from taiwan, american apparel belt, satin ribbon from local craft store, Coach pink bag

Anybody notices my cute phone case with bunny ears? I got lots of compliments when I pull out my phone. Apparently, Canadian know nothing about this cute Asian stuff. It's called Rabito, which is very popular in Korea. It also has a pink fluffy bunny tail at the back that isn't shown here. Isn't it super adorable?

 american apparel belt, rings from ebay, burberry watch


Plami said...

For me university is the best moment of my life but anyways ... :) I love your outfit! It's so girly and beautiful! Exactly what I'd love to wear :)



Sidney Salim said...

@Plami thank you so much :)
Yeah, university is awesome too. I meet lots of new friends and great people :]

andy said...

wow! you look amazing!
thanks for following my blog!
I'm following you too! I'm your fist follower I think! hahah


Sidney Salim said...

@andy ^^ teehee. I'm a new comer in this fashion blogging world.
Thank you so much for following :D

Bubble My Licorice said...

great outfit!
I love the pink bag but i wish i could see it more

Ahsen-Wear A Smile! said...

you look adorable! love your skirt it looks amazing on you! :)

thx for stopping by, I'm following you back honey..

Wear A Smile!

Wear A Smile!

Irene Wibowo said...

nice skirt.. :) irene wibowo

Angela said...

Oh what an adorable outfit :)


Roni E. said...

I love the way the bag compliments the dress.
Also, thanks for the sweet things about my blog. :) I appreciate it. You have a great style yourself.

Jane said...

Hi! You look good overall. You know how to dress properly. I like your fashion style. You have taste. I can see.

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