I feel naked without......

As you may noticed, I always wear lots and lots of accessories. I just feel naked without my jewelry. I never walked out of my house without any accessories on.

I buy my accessories in many random places, such as retail store, vintage store, thrift store, online, etc. But I purchase most of my jewelry online because they are usually cheaper than in store. Here I want to share with you one of my favorite online stores based in Indonesia.

Myth Couture. Their accessories are imported from Korea, so they have so many cute items to look for. They have lots and lots of great selections from necklaces to rings, and even hair accessories! They sell good quality accessories with affordable prices. Let me show you some of my favorites:

I love watches to death. I even wear it while I'm sleeping. I know it sounds weird, but that's just my habit. This watch is inspired by Hermes Kelly PM Double Tour Watch. It's very versatile because it can also be worn as a bracelet.

I also love their rings. They have so many different kind of rings, from cute floral ring to vintage-looking stone ring.

Choker has been very popular these days. I like this 'kind-of-look-like-choker' necklace because it can toughen up any outfit. With all of those mixed chains and sparkles, this necklace will keep your look elegant yet edgy at the same time.
Do you also feel naked without accessories? There are more great quality items for those of you who love accessories!

(source: www.mythcouture.com)

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