If I were a boy

Thanks to essays and lab reports, I'm not going anywhere for Halloween. Yes I know, I'm such a nerd ;p I ended up not participating in any costume party, so I just want to wear something different but still wearable in any event.


Highschool is the best moment of your life

Have you ever wished that you had a time traveller? I do. I used to think that being an adult is so much better. But now that I've grown up, I wish I could go back to my childhood, especially during those high school days. Those unforgettable moments that include foolish, naughty, and fun time. They were indeed memorable. I already studied abroad since a very young age. Hence, living in a dorm with a bunch of overseas friends already became my habit.  A bunch of us ate, laughed, and went out altogether. We were just like a big family.

I still remember those days when we tried to make fun of our teacher. The whole class was hiding as if we're skipping his class. But then he found out and became mad that our class monitor had to apologize and beg him to continue teaching us. Yes we were bad, but those small little things make those days so fun and unforgettable. However, we were so close to our teacher that we bought him a huge birthday cake on his birthday.


It's a wild statement piece

I was so excited when I received a missed call from my concierge. You know why? Because I knew that my Forever 21 stuff was finally arrived. This leopard legging is one of the items that I ordered from my favorite store. And I know I'm going to wear it a lot this season, because it's super comfy yet chic. Topshop also sells one like this, and many other stores. All fashionista know that leopard is big for this Fall. It's just a stunning statement piece that can rock a simple outfit into an outstanding one. However, remember a rule of thumb: only wear 1 piece of leopard item at a time. You don't want to be too loud or too out there. Unless you're going for a Halloween party, please don't wear leopard items like a cheap costume.


I'm seeing through the roses

I'm back! featuring this sheer maxi dress that I love so much. Yes, it's a maxi dress that I turned into skirt in this outfit. It has a sheer material that makes this skirt super awesome!
It's been super windy these days. Even the sun is hiding behind the cloud. Toronto only has 4 seasons: early winter, winter, late winter, and extended winter! Lol. Oh well, what can I expect. I always feel like I'm living in North Pole anyways.

Okay enough talking about the seasons, let's talk about my life recently. I've been very busy with midterm tests and assignments. I just can't wait for December to come! Decision was made, ticket was bought, and news was told. Please welcome me back, my tropical country. Life is just like that. You'll never know what's going to happen next, and whether it's going according to your plan or not. To be honest, I'm very anxious but excited at the same time.
Oh btw, I just cut my bangs. I know it's not noticeable because I only cut a little bit to make it shorter. Yeah, I don't like it when my bangs get on my way.
Does anyone love bangs too?


I feel naked without......

As you may noticed, I always wear lots and lots of accessories. I just feel naked without my jewelry. I never walked out of my house without any accessories on.

I buy my accessories in many random places, such as retail store, vintage store, thrift store, online, etc. But I purchase most of my jewelry online because they are usually cheaper than in store. Here I want to share with you one of my favorite online stores based in Indonesia.

Myth Couture. Their accessories are imported from Korea, so they have so many cute items to look for. They have lots and lots of great selections from necklaces to rings, and even hair accessories! They sell good quality accessories with affordable prices. Let me show you some of my favorites:


Just a little bit at the edge

It was very windy and chilly today! October just started his first day, but he already gave Toronto this kind of weather. Some people even start wearing their Winter coat! Oh well. I don't care about the weather, this is still the time to wear some Fall outfits.

Sipping some cosmo with the girls

This photo is part of the ASOS sheer shirt styling series.

  Asos asymmetrical sheer shirt, Forever 21 skinny jeans, Aldo pumps, H&M faux fur collar, accessories from eBay n Forever 21, Topshop belt, Coach clutch

The front part of the shirt is tucked into my dark wash jeans, while leaving the long asymmetrical shape at the back.

This outfit is very suitable for a night-out with the girls. Although a top and jeans might look casual, I purposely add the faux fur collar and the leopard skinny belt to show some wildness to this outfit. Simple black pumps balance it out and make it instantly look chic. Notice how I button the shirt all the way to the top. It immediately gives an elegant touch to this look.

We're ready to go sipping some martinis while chattering with the girls! Have fun!
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