Little horses are running around

How's your weekend? Everyday is actually a weekend for me. A super busy weekend! And I am so excited that January is almost over. Time really flies. I don't have anything to ramble this time. These pictures were taken when I was in Toronto. I really miss wearing those thick coats and jackets.


They say red means good luck

After almost 5 years, I am so happy that I can finally celebrate Lunar New Year with my whole family again. Thus, I'm wearing two bright colors that represent happiness and good luck in Chinese culture, yellow and red. This outfit is also inspired by my yellow Loubs.


Spring 2012 Trends

Happy Lunar New Year for those who celebrate it! Chinese people celebrate it to welcome the spring season, hence we also call it Chinese Spring Festival. Therefore, I already start filling up my closet with spring clothing. And today, I want to share some of the trends I love for this Spring.

The spring has sprung, so the romantic ruffle trend is all over Alexander McQueen spring runway. I love ruffles because they add a feminine touch to every outfit.


Attaining Confidence Through Fashion for a Clean Bill of Health

I don't usually put a guest post in my blog. However, when Jackie shared with me about how all women can feel beautiful, no matter what circumstances they may be facing, I found this topic is very interesting and very important. So, I hope you find this topic as compelling as we do.

By: Jackie Clark

One of the biggest factors in your ability to keep fighting in the face of your recent mesothelioma or cancer diagnosis is your current health. This may not be any surprise, but what you may not know is that your mental state of being plays just as big a part in your recovery as your physical wellness does. Fighting cancer is also about staying in high spirits, and using fashion to increase your self-confidence can help you do just that.

Cancer survivors often have far more positive mental outlooks than those who succumb to the disease, but this isn't only because they've survived. Many of these patients were positive from the beginning, and these attitudes actually helped their recovery. People who are willing to fight harder are just more likely to win their battles. So how can fashion make you feel that much better about yourself?


I heart leopard

I have to confess that I'm not the most rational shopper. My eyes are fixed on the smallest details on a garment. It could be the adorable buttons, the pleating details, the shining hardware, and in this case, the heart shaped pocket with leopard pattern on this chiffon blouse. It almost doesn't matter what the rest of the blouse looks like, as long as it fits, I simply fall in love with the furry leopard detail. Luckily for me, my irrational purchase won't go wasted because this leopard trend won't go away anytime soon.
Have you ever bought something only because the small details on it caught your eyes?


Colorful blazers cheer me up

After almost 2 weeks I'm here, I think today is the first time I could stay and relax at home! I've been super busy these past weeks. Finally, I can just lie on my bed, replying to comments, listening to good music, snacking on my fav seaweed flavored Lay's potato chips.


Tweed obsession || Tweed blazer

I found this pictures in my external hard drive and realized I haven't posted them. I'm still adapting to a new life. I haven't got the time to take new pictures, so I'll post it anyway.
After I bought my Coco Chanel inspired tweed jacket from H&M, which I posted here, I've been eyeing tweed a lot lately. What do you think of this tweed blazer?

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