Versace for H&M mini haul and lookbook

The weather has been really bad these days. It's either cloudy or raining. This gloomy weather also reflects my feeling. My friends just went back to Indonesia for good last night. I can totally imagine how sad it is, leaving all my friends after all these years we've been together. And it's going to happen to me in just a month! Despite of all the sad things, let's revamp our mood and cherish my beautiful remaining days in Toronto.

Here's my mini haul for the Versace for H&M collection and how I style them.


Is this preppy enough?

First of all, happy thanksgiving day! Although I prefer to call it Black Friday because thanksgiving in Canada was last month. Hurray for big sale in US. Some stores here also offer black friday sale, though not as much as the stores in US, I'm still going to check it out for sure!


FREE GIVEAWAY: Adopt a Polish

"Everyday thousands of nail polishes are abandoned or abused. They are not sticky, or old, they are fine, new polishes. They are stuck on a shelf, and all they desire is to be used and maybe taken for a night on the town. You can help by applying to adopt an in-need polish. By doing nothing you are ensuring the agony continues. These are new polishes and there is no charge to adopt, all you need to give is your much needed love" - Adopt a Polish

Have you ever think of adopting a child? Right now, I still haven't got a chance to do such a good cause. However, given this opportunity, how about if we start from adopting a nail polish? ;)
For those of us who lives in US and Canada, we can participate in this great opportunity from Adopt a Polish to bring home nail polishes of our choices for FREE.

The first round of adoptions closes on December 31st.

Check out how to apply with this few easy steps:

1. Choose a nail polish that you want to adopt from the current adoption list.

2. Leave a comment below the profile on their website describing why you would be the best parent.

3. Adopt a Polish will pick the best application on December 31st and arrange for free transportation of your new nail polish.

I found this cute website few days ago. It is a genius press release idea from Nail Polish Canada. I found it so adorable that I even applied for adopting the Orly family of four. They have many hilarious applications that totally made my day. Let's support this important "cause" ;)


When Grandpa inherited me a sweater

For those of us who live in US/Canada, today is the launching of Versace for H&M. No, I'm not lining up, I also didn't come super early for shopping the items. I didn't expect to still get stuff that's my size, but I did. Thanks to my sweet bf. I finished work at 4 PM, when my bf was already there picking up some stuff for me ;) I'll share my haul in the next post.


'Teal' the Sun rises

Yay! I just bought a new Macbook Pro. After being loyal to PC throughout my life, I finally convinced myself to get some life changing experience *I'm such a drama queen, lol*
Well, I still love my vaio, so I'm using both now! I use my mac for watching movie, photo editing, etc, and my vaio for some school work. Fair enough? ;)


I'm wearing poppy!

Today is Remembrance Day, also known as Poppy Day, which is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth countries since the end of World War I to remember the armed forces who have died in the line of duty (source: wikipedia).
In Canada, Remembrance Day is a public holiday in all provinces and territories except Ontario and Quebec. Yes, I live in Ontario, so there is no holiday for me.
Well, anyway.. here's my poppy look.


McQueen can make you look like a queen

It's been a great weekend! Even though it's super breezy, but the sun isn't shy at all this week! ♥
I ate at Congee Wong restaurant with my friends just now. Yay for midnight supper! I think it is the best congee place in Toronto. If you live in Toronto and haven't tried this place, you should really try their super bowl congee and spicy turnip. Don't worry, it's not spicy at all, although I'd prefer spicy food. (I've spent almost half of my life living overseas, but my Indonesian spicy food appetite and tolerance still remain :D)
And as usual, we're too hungry to remember to take a picture.


I just need speed on my damier

I'm finally done with my midterms and assignments! Well, not all of them, but most of them that make me worry are done :)
I guess you can tell from my super heavy eye bags and dark circles due to lack of sleep. But thanks to concealer and Clinique eye roller, my dark circles look a lot better in the picture.
The weather has been nice these days. I hope I didn't jinx it! lol.

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