Is this preppy enough?

First of all, happy thanksgiving day! Although I prefer to call it Black Friday because thanksgiving in Canada was last month. Hurray for big sale in US. Some stores here also offer black friday sale, though not as much as the stores in US, I'm still going to check it out for sure!

As you may notice, I've been loving over-the-knee socks recently. Toronto's weather has been really harsh this week compared to last week, but I'm still not ready giving up my skirt and shorts. So, these socks are perfect for me. It's warm yet chic at the same time!

Faux leather jacket from my friend's online store, old plaid shirt, Forever 21 navy skirt, Urban Outfitters thigh high socks, Zara ankle boots, necklace and ring from eBay, Nine West clutch.

Faux fur gloves from Urban Outfitters that my bf bought for me. Isn't it adorable?


kelimutu said...

you're so pretty..
you have asian face and that's very cute.. :)

nice blog you have here.. hope you mind to visit me back, and let's make a friend! ^^

Tiffany said...

very nice outfit! I've been wearing my thigh high socks a lot lately too..I love them. & I really love those gloves!!

Cindy said...

Love this look! :DD gorgeous! (=


prettymeggy said...

i just bought myself a bunch of over the knee socks.. in different colors too!!!
happy thanksgiving my dear and hope you'll have a wonderful weekend.......
xoxo, Haus of Gala

Fictitious Fashion said...

Hey there.. First of all I'd like to say I love your locks :)
You look so chic..
Of course I'll follow you back dear :)
THanks for following me

You can also follow me on Fb.. I'd be happy to follow you there too

sabrina maida said...

hi !! aah you always gorgeous! i love your jacket !! wow i hope you can finish it faster and back to indo maybe we can metup sometime :p . good luck :DD


PAPS said...

Very nice look. Specially love the socks and shoes. I am following you. Can you pls re-follow me as it has not gone through. Thanks

GlamorousGirl said...

love it!


thehiddenfairy said...

you're so stylish and leggy!


La ropa...me vuelve loca! said...

I love you blog! your look are nice!

I follow you now!

Follow me?

Kisses from ♥ La ropa me vuelve loca!

michelle_ said...

i love the layerings you have there ! the socks are really nice too !

Flaviana Boni said...

so preppy! I like this look!

Check out my new outfit post!
MY BLOG: Dress up for armageddon

Marella said...

You look amazing dear!

Anna said...

I don't know that I'll brave short skirts in the winter and I'm here along the coastline of US. I really like your preppy-chic look. I need to get a plaid shirt for a more winter appropriate look.

TiasaurausRex said...

You have beautiful eyes and hair! and your outfit is darlning! i love your shirt! and the stockings. thanks for visiting my blog, i am following you now too!
be sure to like my page on facebook!

Kate L. said...

Love this look!! Always in love with socks and shoes combo:) Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm following you now. Follow me back?!

Fashion Cat

AndréiaFSalim said...

Hello Sidney Salim!

You have nice blog:) I love your photos, gorgeous!

I have been following, you do not import them, Follow My Also? ... xoxo !!!:)


Miss Mellie said...

Gorgeous! Great blog! I'm your newest follower:)

AS Style & Design said...

Thank you for following me. I visit you and decided to stay: now i follow u.

Love your style


Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Great look!!!

BobbieAustin27 said...

love your look
your shoes and jacket are perfect
looks like something I've been looking for
you have a great blog & great sense of style, now following back :)


Carolina Costas said...

Love the pics and the outfit. The clutch is really beautiful! I'll follow u :)



Joyce said...

Your outfit is great, I love your socks and jacket :)

watermoolen said...

Very, very cute look! Definitely styling a plaid that I may just need to grab my plaid clothes and be inspired for now. Lol. ; ) Do you have Facebook? Would love to like your page!

xx, Crystal
FB: watermoolen

maggie said...

love the look! the leather jacket looks great on you, and love how it matches your shoes.

xx maggie

Quinn B said...

Ah! This is perfectly preppy. I love the necklace and I love the socks with those shoes.

Roxanne said...

i love your jacket paired with those thigh high socks :)

btw- come drop by my blog if you have time and maybe follow each other if you like.. thanks babe! :)


The Annachrist said...

Darling, you are drop dead gorgeous! And well dressed ;)

kelimutu said...

Oh,, thank you for read my story..
u're so kind..

ofcourse I following you back.. I hope we can be friend.. :)

CutestPrincess said...

wow... perfect preppy look! nice outfit!

It’s a GIRL Thing

piper said...

I love this one!!! :) I love a good plaid shirt!!!

Preziosa said...

You are so cute!

Mei めい said...

your outfit is great and you're beautiful ♥
I'm your new follower :D
Check my blog if you want :)


Femme Virtue said...

cute outfit! loving the black knee-high socks!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit! I'm resisting the sales today, trying to save :-/ xxx

Cliff said...

looooove your style and to be honest YOU HAVE THE BEST LEGS I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE, it's not a joke!!! :D


The Little Dust Princess said...

You're so adorable. Loving that last pic. Your legs look miles long in this outfit! How tall are you... really? ; )

AndréiaFSalim said...

Thank you for your comment and for being my new follower!

A big kiss and a great Saturday for you!

Pepa said...


Erica said...

loveee that jacket! very put together outfit


Dana Paramita said...

totally perfect! looks good on you :)
anyway check out mine if you have a chance dear :)


hi! thx for following! I've just follow you back :)


hi! thx for following! I've just follow you back :)

riestya arum permata said...

you look so cute >__<
anyway , i love this look <3
yea, i will follow back dear :0


Maria Regina P. said...

your outfit looks AWESOME.nice blog too.

<3 Maria

HwalKeeChan said...

wow love the outfit! Also love the contacts! Are they Geos?


♥AdamAlexMommy.com♥ (Jasmine) said...

You are absolutely gorgeous! Envy your legs, and the outfit is amazing on you. (It would look weird on me though!) Love the cropped jacket. :)

Fashion With Ellie said...

Love this look:) I'm following your blog:)


Anindita Khrisna Murti said...

I like ur style a lot!
come visit my blog too...


bridechic said...

You look gorgeous . . .


Erika said...

beautiful outfit!

I follow u here , follow me please :)
And I ask you if follow me also here because my google give me a problems :((


My Free Choice

Roberta Tonelli said...

Hey dear! Great outfit!!!
Loved it

Yessica said...

Love the brown jacket and boots! =D

dunia kecil indi said...

aww, i love preppy look :) i use to have that style when iw as younger. u look great :)

Pop Champagne said...

SO CUTE. i love how you mixed the plaid into this outfit! I think I'm saving this pic on my comp as an inspirational :D

andy said...

you look amazing! wow!
I like your look so much! I really love your jacket!


eye_spy said...

great outfit!
thanks for your comment, now following :)

- eye_spy

Anonymous said...

Reallly like this outfit! I'm all about mixing preppy with a little rock and roll. I love your blog..following! will you follow me? :)

Much Love,
Hybrid Hunter

Marella said...

Such a cute outfit dear!

AyLin said...

Love the outfit sweetie! And you're pretty!


Christie Giovanni said...

i love your hair style :) the necklace is beautiful too <3
thanks for visiting my blog, would you like to follow each other? :)


Stories and Sequins said...

You look beautiful and stylish! I love your shoes:)

I now follow you on Google:)

Stories and Sequins

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty new at this place and adore the design, could you let me know me where you bought this theme? You can contact me on my e-mail…looking forward to hear from you

Audrey said...

I love this outfit!

yiqin; said...

great look! Love your blog :)

Simona said...

Hey darling!
Such a PERFECT blog!
You´re soo beautiful!
I´m following your blog now and hope that you´ll follow me too :)

Stella said...

Nice look.


Audrey said...

I'm following dear <3 follow me too if u like my blog (:

grace said...

thanks for your comment sidney! i'm also liking your outfit as well :)


Sayaka said...

I love your outfit!! You look so stylish!!

keep in touch with fashion said...

thanks for your sweet comment!!

you are amazing,beautiful leg!

I really like your stile!!

now I follow you!!

keep in touch

kiss from napoli

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

love your look so much!!!

Bubble My Licorice said...

great outftit!
i love the way your legs look,
so slim and long!

Gaby de Modacapital said...

great look, love your jacket!

6roove said...

gorgeous look!

Sesilia Anastasia said...

hey pretty! :) thanks for commeting on my blog :)

i'm glad if we can be friend :)

your leg is really cool sidney :)


Jacqueline said...

Super cute outfit!
xo Jac

Rachel Danielle W said...

great outfit!
love your blog!


therrie said...

I love this outfit, the plaid shirt looks really nice with the leather jacket, and i love you shoes too! Your style is amazing. xo

jill said...

Such a cute look - I love those stockings!

x. jill
those ghosts

Linda said...

Love love love the outfit! Especially that brown jacket paired with the plaid. Lovely look :)


Karina Dinda R. said...

Love your socks dear! ;)

Karina Dinda R. ♥

Anonymous said...

Such a cute outfit! I love the colors. (: Facebook Twitter

Daria said...

Amazing look, xoxo

Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

you look wonderful! love the combo!


Ana said...

Cool,I love your shoes :)

Littlesha08 said...

You look beautiful hun!!! Cute outfit!!! Love the look!!! :)

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