FREE GIVEAWAY: Adopt a Polish

"Everyday thousands of nail polishes are abandoned or abused. They are not sticky, or old, they are fine, new polishes. They are stuck on a shelf, and all they desire is to be used and maybe taken for a night on the town. You can help by applying to adopt an in-need polish. By doing nothing you are ensuring the agony continues. These are new polishes and there is no charge to adopt, all you need to give is your much needed love" - Adopt a Polish

Have you ever think of adopting a child? Right now, I still haven't got a chance to do such a good cause. However, given this opportunity, how about if we start from adopting a nail polish? ;)
For those of us who lives in US and Canada, we can participate in this great opportunity from Adopt a Polish to bring home nail polishes of our choices for FREE.

The first round of adoptions closes on December 31st.

Check out how to apply with this few easy steps:

1. Choose a nail polish that you want to adopt from the current adoption list.

2. Leave a comment below the profile on their website describing why you would be the best parent.

3. Adopt a Polish will pick the best application on December 31st and arrange for free transportation of your new nail polish.

I found this cute website few days ago. It is a genius press release idea from Nail Polish Canada. I found it so adorable that I even applied for adopting the Orly family of four. They have many hilarious applications that totally made my day. Let's support this important "cause" ;)


Tiffany said...

hahah that is so funny & cute! definately gonna check it out..those poor nail polishes!

Anonymous said...

haha that's hilarious!

Much Love,
Hybrid Hunter

Rene, Gucci's mom said...


I was looking for interesting blog to follow and I found yours. I hope you can visit and follow mine too! See you!


Castle Fashion said...

Awwwww. This is so friggen adorable. I would love to adopt Charleston Essie. S/he looks like a sweetheart who just needs a little bit of love. I'm really awful (and by that I mean really good) at personifying objects so I always end up getting attached to random things like lamps and ramen. My boyfriend happily thinks it's strange but I think that this skill will serve me well in adopting this little guy/girl. I would take good care of him/her and make sure s/he had a wonderful home. I hope you'll consider me to be the new parent of this polish. :O

Castle Fashion

missdanbee said...

thank you so much for you lovely comment <3 hehe, and for the follow! will be following you back~


cute post! <3


eye_spy said...

thanks so much for your comment!
now a follower of your lovely blog :)

- eye_spy

Antee Gurung said...

hey thnx for following back dear!! xx

Fabrizia said...

I really enjoyed this post! I love your sense of style!

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no argue . said...

Thank you my Dear ! :* Naturally I'm your new follower too :) Really nice blog, I like it very much :) Kiss !

Online Parenting Class said...

that is really nice!

Pop Champagne said...

haha that is a really neat idea!! first time I've heard this, gonna go check it out

Sam said...

Lol, love this, too cute!

andy said...

hahah great post! and amazing idea! really good! :)


MissCouture17 said...

that's so hilarious! great post, and blog!

xx, Kels


Pratishtha Durga said...

That is such a cute giveaway! I am surely going in for it. Do check out the Giveaway on my blog. Open to International readers!

erica marie said...

Love this :)

xo erica

Melody said...

This is cute!! I do love nail polish, especially Essie :)


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