I'm seeing through the roses

I'm back! featuring this sheer maxi dress that I love so much. Yes, it's a maxi dress that I turned into skirt in this outfit. It has a sheer material that makes this skirt super awesome!
It's been super windy these days. Even the sun is hiding behind the cloud. Toronto only has 4 seasons: early winter, winter, late winter, and extended winter! Lol. Oh well, what can I expect. I always feel like I'm living in North Pole anyways.

Okay enough talking about the seasons, let's talk about my life recently. I've been very busy with midterm tests and assignments. I just can't wait for December to come! Decision was made, ticket was bought, and news was told. Please welcome me back, my tropical country. Life is just like that. You'll never know what's going to happen next, and whether it's going according to your plan or not. To be honest, I'm very anxious but excited at the same time.
Oh btw, I just cut my bangs. I know it's not noticeable because I only cut a little bit to make it shorter. Yeah, I don't like it when my bangs get on my way.
Does anyone love bangs too?

French Connection sweater, sheer rose maxi dress from local boutique, Chanel camellia thong sandals, Marc Jacob quilted stam satchel, Costa Blanca belt, Forever 21 owl necklace

 bracelet from eBay, House of Harlow sunburst earrings, Forever 21 ring


Tiffany ^^ said...

maxi dress is my favorite too! especially when it's sheer. Love your style! <3

Irene Wibowo said...

i like your maxi dress.. so pretty. :) irene wibowo

Ian McCabe said...

You should make a video let everyone see how windy it actually is, get that skirt flapping about

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