Show me jealousy in your eyes

It's been a long time since the last time I wrote a blog post. As I'm getting more free time, I want to dedicate myself to post something again! However, this time I'm going to post about my daily life in Toronto with lots and lots of OOTD (outfit of the day). I know this is kinda late because I'm going back for good to Indonesia soon. But, at least I could write about the remaining days of my Toronto life in my blog, right?

Oh btw, I was using tumblr before, but I decided to create a proper blog here. Now, I use my tumblr to get some fashion inspiration anywhere from designer look to fashion street style. When you have free time, check out my tumblr too: Fashion Pole

zara blouse, red skinny, zara gladiator heels, old belt, forever 21 rings, chanel classic bag

Who says that red skinny can only be worn during Summer? I am totally obsessed with red skinny. I've worn it all the time during Summer, and I still want to wear it for this season. This floral blouse makes this outfit very Fall appropriate. Plus, red skinny is such a statement piece that screams for everybody's attention. So, I think everyone should own at least one statement piece in their wardrobe.
What's your favorite statement piece?


bambud said...

hmmmm..... :)

Olena said...

Twoje jeansy są cudowne.Pięknie tu wyszłaś.Bardzo podoba mi się koszula a poza tym twoja czarna torebka najlepiej pasuję do tego outfitu.
Pozdrowienia z Polski.

Sorry,i don`d speak english.
I come from Polish .

Becky said...

Such a great outfit, I love the combinations, just perfect.

Love, Becky

J n Nty said...

cute outfit

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