GIVEAWAY: My First YSL and More Giveaway

As holiday season is coming up, I would like to thank all of my readers and followers for the love and supports that you all have given to me and my blog. So, I'm holding my first ever giveaway! Yay! And the prizes are: *drumroll*

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte #26 Tender Peach, Longchain Silver Necklace from local boutique, and H&M Envelope clutch (choose either Gold or Black).

I'm giving away three great items that I think my readers would love. This YSL lipstick has been my all time favourite lipstick. I find it very moisturizing as well. And the packaging is definitely very luxurious. It's definitely a must-have item. As my blog is fashion related, accessories are definitely essential! So, one lucky winner will be randomly selected to win all these items.

*** This giveaway is open until 11.59 PM (EST) 16th December 2011. Any entries after this date will not be counted. open INTERNATIONALLY ***

Here are few easy steps to enter:

1) You must be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect.
2) Please leave a comment on my blog telling me you've followed AND which colour of the clutch that you want (Gold or Black).
3) Please provide an e-mail address in your comment for me to contact you if you are the winner.

For Extra Entries (one extra entry for each thing done):

1) Tweet this giveaway saying: @sidneysalim is having YSL and more Giveaway on Pose Posh Post http://poseposhpost.blogspot.com. Variations can be used. A link to the tweet must be provided in a comment on this post.
2) Post about this giveaway. A link to the post must be provided in a comment on this post.

Other important information:

1) A winner will be chosen using the random.org number generator.
2) I will contact the winner and announce it in this blog ASAP. If the winner does not respond within one week I will pick another winner using random.org.
3) If I found out that the winner isn't my follower, unfortunately I have to pick another winner. The reason is obvious because it would be unfair to my lovely followers.

Disclaimer: This giveaway is not sponsored by any of those brands mentioned. All prizes were bought and picked out personally by me from my own pocket.

Good luck!


Kiwi said...

Aww! You are so sweet!
Can't wait for it to be Dec 2nd so I can post my entry XP

Tiffany said...

Great giveaway!! I love YSL lipstick.
I'm a follower of your blog & my email is: tiffany@leftbanked.com

annette tang said...

fun fun! i'm following... love the black clutch.



Cindy Hvk said...

I have followed you blog and if i win i want this H&M envelope clutch in Black colour..
my email: cindyhvk@yahoo.com

thankyou much i have looking for this clutch long time and thanks for you have make this giveaway so i may have a chance to win ^^

The Daydreamer said...

I like the gold one.already you're follower and tweeted about this giveaway! :D


kanyapratita said...

Hey I have followed this blog! :)

I want the black clutch! it's so cutee

my e-mail is kanya_pratita_wanaditya@hotmail.com

Fenny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fenny said...

I want the black one :D , i'm already you're follower :) and im already tweet it :)

my twitter account : @teofenny

and this is what i tweet

my email : ote_eot@yahoo.com

my blog : oteteot

Ayshe Rose said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Let's follow each other!


Sam said...

Yay, what an awesome giveaway. I am not on Twitter though.

Fictitious Fashion said...

Lovely giveaway :)
1. M following you via GFC
2. I want the gold clutch
3. M following you on twitter via sweetgal13 and have posted what you said :)
this is the link



ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

already you're followers dear :)

email : ade.kurnia_11@yahoo.co.id

and i pick the Gold clutch :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

Posted about this on my blog too !

check it out dear :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !

check it out please :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/142560682611703809 #2

check it out please

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/142561273412993024 #3

check it out please :)

Jen Umm said...

such a great giveaway!

I am following you now via bloglovin.
I look forward to reading your future posts :)

Lucia Montes said...

I'm already your follower and I like the black clutch! :)



celliasaragih said...

love the black one


celliasaragih said...




Quinn B said...

HOLY!!! This is awesome. I am a follower. My email is quinn.bell@live.ca

Quinn B said...

I'm going to link this giveaway in my next blog post for another entry! My email is quinn.bell@live.ca


YOWZA! What a wicked giveaway hun. I's normally jump at the chance but I have a very strong OCD thing about following blogs through blogger direct. I know... it doesnt make sense. If you had a blog'loving though... totally different haha. Again, its all bonkers, it doesnt make sense but Im a bit weird like that. Good luck to the candidates though! Whoever snaffles the goodies up will be oh so lucky ^_^


Ly said...

This is such an awesome giveaway. I love YSL lipsticks they are so moisturizing!

I'm of course following you :)


Mongs said...

Hello thank you for stopping by my blog so that I can know you. And wow! I came at the right time too, what a generous giveaway! Thank you! I like the black clutch. And I followed you.


you're a stylish fashionista by the way.


Pola Katelu said...

wow, awesome! <333

me want gold :D and I'm followed you via GFC @polakatelu

email : katelupola@yahoo.com


MIRIAM said...

Wooowww...love this giveawey! I like the gold clunck!

E.mail: fashioncrazyball@gmail.com

Anna said...

Thank you for your comment!
Awesome giveaway! :)

Just follow you on GFC


Christeen said...

wow, wonderfull blog :) following you back :) thanks dearly for dropping my site :)

Pop Champagne said...

oh wow looks like a fab giveaway! good luck with it hun the YSL packaging is always so luxe :)

AndréiaFSalim said...

Very cute !!!:)
I love the color of lipstick!

Thank you for your comment on my blog:)
You are very kind!;)

A big kiss from Brazil!;)

Rachel Danielle W said...

yay! amazing clutches! i am following... would love the gold clutch!


tweeted the link but im unsure where to find the link of this tweet! my twitter username is stylesociete:)


bridechic said...

J'adore the black!

Janire y Andrea said...

Thanks for commenting in our blog. The H&M´s clutches are perfect!
You have a nice blog, we follow you :)

kisses from

signature mix said...

Great giveaway! I love the gold clutch.

Alba said...

Oh, nice giveaway! I'm already following you, I want the black one ;)


By the way, thank you for your comment ^^



Loveeepekay said...

Love your giveaway =)

I am a follwer of your blog and I would love to have the color black..


Ren said...

That black clutch is so cute!

I'm going to follow. :)

Stay Beautiful,

Tiffany ^^ said...

Nice giveaway! I love that gold clutch.

I'm already a follower of your blog.


Tiffany ^^ said...

I already tweet about your giveaway with my username tiffanylac. I love the gold clutch.


Cindy said...

Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway! I follow you via GFC and would choose the black clutch.


Cindy said...




Diane said...

I already follow you via GFC and I tweeted about it! I love the gold clutch


Stephanie said...

I am now a follower! Thank you for the giveaway. I would choose the black for the gorgeous envelope clutch- I have been wanting one of these for a while now..fingers crossed.

lotus2434 AT gmail DOT com

missdanbee said...

already your follower <3 the gold clutch is lovely!


Eva said...

The clutch isn't something I would use because it's a bit too edgy for me.
If I do win, I would feel bad to receive something that I probably would not use because I feel like it would be a waste of such a pretty clutch, though. Perhaps, you would want to keep it to yourself or give it to a friend? ;)
I hope that's okay! However, the necklace and lipstick are perfect!

GFC: evil_eva12
email: evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

elaiNe said...

This is so nice of you, Sidney!!

I've been following your blog since last month, I believe. You have such good taste! I've been eyeing that H&M clutch for a while now :) I like the black one!

Email: evuong@sfu.ca


Fashion Cappuccino said...

OMG, those clutches are amazing! What a cool giveaway! xoxoxoo

therrie said...

Awesome giveaway, following your blog also. The black clutch is superb! Fingers are crossed. xo

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/142870928207003649 #4

check it out please :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/142870965259468800 #5

check it out please :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/142871005830971392 #6

check it out please :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/142872486499983360 #7

check it out please :)

Kiwi said...

I am a follower =]
And I prefer the black clutch!

Here's the link of my blog post with your giveaway mentioned:

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Tri▲ngle said...

Hey nice giveaway! Follow you with gfc!àI would like to win the gold one clutch!


prettymeggy said...

wow this is cool!!
you know i'm already your follower.. and if i'm gonna win i want the black one :)
xoxo, Haus of Gala

paledivision said...

Wow looks amazing, good luck everyone!

Laura_Maradam said...

Wawww I'd love to win this! Im following you on bloglovin :)
And the black clutch :)

Kosi Harris said...

Your blog is fabulous! I'm a new follower!

Bernadeth said...

GFC: adeth8
I want the gold clutch *fingers crossed*

Bernadeth G. said...


Bernadeth said...


dian ajeng maharani said...

hi sweetie,
i am your follower and i love the gold one! and i have tweeted about this giveaway. here is the link:


and my email is diajengma@gmail.com


The Little Dust Princess said...

I'm a GFC follower : )
I'd pick the black clutch.
jessycow.blog (at gmail dot com)


littlemisspoleng said...

Followed you and my pick is the color of the clutch I want is Gold.


tweet link: https://twitter.com/#!/MariePaulyn/status/143242591356461056

jem dacasin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jem dacasin said...

your blog is sooooo awesommmmeeee! <3 i followed you already. and i love to win the clutch bag color gold. ;) email me: ryedollz@yahoo.com

Thanks! God Bless :)

Daria said...

I love your blog ;)


Yessica said...

A very nice bag! hahaha.

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/143322312408707072 #8

check it out please :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/143322412308643840 #9

check it out please :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/143322455354781696 #10

check it out please :)

Julia said...

How amazing giveway!
Would you like follow each other??? Waiting for ressponse in my blog http://julia-mylifeandthoughts.blogspot.com/

andy said...

thanks for this opportunity! I love these clutches! I would wear it in my outfits :)
1)I'm a follower of your blog
2)I like the black one.

thanks!! I'll post an international giveaway too :)

Check my new post! I hope you like it :)

Sania Cuk said...

those clutches are soooo pretty!

p.s And thank you for the visit at www.styleintoxicated.com xoxoxo

arra said...

wow!very luxurious giveaway!

gfc follower: arra
followed you on twitter
twitted too: https://twitter.com/#!/NakedArra/status/143418266386300928

I love the gold clutch!:)
thank you!

courtney said...

Amazing giveaway!
I'm a follower of your blog
I LOVE the gold:)
I posted your giveaway on twitter (I don't know how to link it but I think this is it...sorry:( ) https://twitter.com/#!/closetfashionfx

thank you for stopping by http://closetfashionfix.blogspot.com !!

chikinritoruuu said...

what a nice give away <3
i'm following your blog and your twitter now!

the gold clutch is very lovely <3 i'm looking for this clutch long time :"(. i would very happy if i can win this give away. :)
and i've already tweet and this is the link https;//twitter.com/#!/ellen_ang
and this is my e-mail: winter_white08@hotmail.com

thanks ,

Patricia Calma said...

Awesome giveaway! ♥

Followed your blog (GFC name: Patricia Calma). I love the gold clutch! :)

I tweeted about this giveaway: https://twitter.com/#!/triciacalma/status/143557826030211072 and blogged about it: http://triciaaaac.tumblr.com/post/13768174675/pose-posh-post-my-first-ysl-and-more-giveaway

Email: patricia_calma@yahoo.com

Thank you! ♥

CutestPrincess said...

followed you already!

i like the gold clutch! so lovely!


It’s a GIRL Thing

Romi said...

Those clutches are awesome!!!
My email is saeromi.n@gmail.com and I'm following!

Thea C. said...

We've followed each other already! :)
The black clutch is totally my kind of clutch <3

Extra entries:
Tweeted! http://twitter.com/#!/limechartreuse/status/142921522342936576
Blogged! http://limechartreuse.tumblr.com/post/13674184970/sidney-salims-amazing-giveaway

Thank you for the great opportunity! You always have amazing blog posts :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/143672114933805056 #11

check it out please :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/143672153726926849 #12

check it out please :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/143672191219802112 #13

check it out please :)

Karina Dinda R. said...

Following you already :) Love the black clutch ^^ ncesrobotics@rocketmail.com

Karina Dinda R. ♥

dunia kecil indi said...

good luck for your 1st giveaway :))

Rhea Nel said...

Nice giveaway! <3

Name: Rhea Nel Gulafo
Email: rheanelgulafo@yahoo.com
Color of clutch I like: Gold
Tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/rhealized/status/143703342776983552
Blogged: http://rheagulaforeblogs.tumblr.com/post/13779706042/win-the-following-by-just-visiting-pose-posh

Vicky said...

Great giveaway... vi.creative@hotmail.com!

Giveaway: Win Nelly Boots

new post: click here
follow me

Anita Putri said...

follow you
me want the black one :)

please please i want so bad.

jed said...

followed you via gfc.
i'd love to have the black one. =)

tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/Jedalyn/status/143949537130717184

I Am Dollparts

Lhey Ralston said...

Now a follower...

Very nice blog...

I am loving the black clutch! it's so posh! :))

Win or Not, Love your blog! keep it up!

FROGGY said...

oh wow nice giveaway! i love the look of that YSL lipstick and the black clutch!

cute blog by the way :)


Trish said...

followed you :)
colour of the clutch: Gold

mishuella said...

followed you !
i love the black one :)


Candypop said...

Following you via GFC
GFC name is Candypop

I'd love the clutch in GOLD


love <333

TheSanctuary said...

Great. Following you already

I love the black clutch.




astrid chen said...

followed ur lovely blog via gfc :)

love the gold clutch!


astrid chen said...

followed u by twitter and posted!

Yvette said...

I chanced upon your blog a few months ago and had to bookmark it immediately!

GFC : Yvette

Email : yvettezuppiger at gmail dot com

Preferred clutch : Black

Jayme and Mendi said...

We follow you GFC as Her Late Night Cravings! What a great giveaway!!

We love the Gold Clutch!


Jayme & Mendi

Blush and Flats said...

followed, i prefer the gold one <3

The Electric Heart Girl said...

followed you in GFC as the electric heart girl.

My email- tkelsang7@gmail.com

AND I prefer black over gold.:)

Femme Virtue said...

followed through GFC!

I would love the gold one!


Femme Virtue said...

i also tweeted bout this giveaway!



sabrina maida said...

OMG !!! you have great giveway kak ! i cant choose :( , btw maybe i will choes black cluth :)

email : n.sabrina@rocketmail.com

sabrina maida said...

1# already following you on GFC to YSL lipstick.
email : n.sabrina@rocketmail.com

sabrina maida said...

2# im post your giveway :D to YSL lipstick.

email : n.sabrina@rocketmail.com

just tututiny said...

wow, I've been so busy I almost missed your give-away! they look awesome. I am already a follower of yours and I would love the black clutch ;)

Thanks for the giveaway and I hope you will come and enter mines for fun as well for a chance to win a pair of premium denim ;)

styles of a pharmatrician said...

Wow what an amazing giveaway! I followed you before I even saw this post. The black clutch is super chic, I totally would wear it on a night out.



Bobbi said...

Ooh, great giveaway! I'm a follower!
I really like the gold bag!


eLi said...

Wow it's a really great and huge giveaway!! I don't know what to choose... but I will say the YSL lipstick :)

e-mail: elidou@gmail.com

Twitter: @eLiBlogger



Elenita said...

great giveaway!
I love black one!
GFC: Elenita

Ella said...

You've got a lovely blog! I'm already following you, thanks for your comment on my blog! I invite you to follow it!

Now if I win I'd like to get the black clutch! (:




Ella said...


posted about the giveaway on my blog's FB




Ella said...

I also tweeted about it! oh btw black clutch!! <3



vivalahighstreet said...

Hey I am following your blog:)I would like the black clutch:)my e-mail address is vivalahighstreet@yahoo.com

Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

i've followed ur blog and i love the GOLD one :)


ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/146919226958024704 #14

check it out please :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/146919283891515392 #15

check it out please :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/146919332021157889 #16

check it out please :)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

tweeted on my twitter too !
http://twitter.com/#!/deniamoseley/status/146920770625486849 #17

check it out please :)

Gabby said...

that clutch bag leads me to entering here! love the mettalic one and I have just followed you :) kindly email me to gabriela.yosefina@gmail.com if I am chosen *cross fingers*

gabby's little thoughts

Katy said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

I follow with GFC as katygmorris.

I love the black clutch. It's perfect!

katygmorris at gmail dot com

Katy said...

I follow you on Twitter as @katygmorris and just Tweeted about the giveaway here: http://twitter.com/#!/katygmorris/status/147181059715506177

Thanks!!! :)

katygmorris at gmail dot com

Fashion Daring said...

I already followed you :)
I think that H&M black clutch is AMAZING!!
Like your post about fashion, especially about versace for H&M. Inspire me how to use my Versace for H&M too.

Already tweet it twice but mu mobile can't show the link. Maybe you can't see @jeniferpurnomo.


Arnold Teja said...

Followed with GFC!

I'd like to choose the black clutch!


Finger Crossed!

Fashion Daring said...

I already followed you :)
I think that H&M black clutch is AMAZING!!
Like your post about fashion, especially about versace for H&M. Inspire me how to use my Versace for H&M too.

Already tweet it twice but mu mobile can't show the link. Maybe you can see at https://twitter.com/#!/Jeniferpurnomo


Fyah said...

Hi! I already follow your blog :3 this is my email: Fyahahmad@gmail.com

i love that lipstick! i want black one :) cant wait!

Jenni ... said...

thanks for commenting on my blog hon! I'm following yours now. e-mail: jenchkii@gmail.com, and the Gold one is absolutely incredible. I tweeted but not sure how to the get the link up :/
chocolate closet

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