Attaining Confidence Through Fashion for a Clean Bill of Health

I don't usually put a guest post in my blog. However, when Jackie shared with me about how all women can feel beautiful, no matter what circumstances they may be facing, I found this topic is very interesting and very important. So, I hope you find this topic as compelling as we do.

By: Jackie Clark

One of the biggest factors in your ability to keep fighting in the face of your recent mesothelioma or cancer diagnosis is your current health. This may not be any surprise, but what you may not know is that your mental state of being plays just as big a part in your recovery as your physical wellness does. Fighting cancer is also about staying in high spirits, and using fashion to increase your self-confidence can help you do just that.

Cancer survivors often have far more positive mental outlooks than those who succumb to the disease, but this isn't only because they've survived. Many of these patients were positive from the beginning, and these attitudes actually helped their recovery. People who are willing to fight harder are just more likely to win their battles. So how can fashion make you feel that much better about yourself?

Personal Fashion Basics
Remember, take advantage of styles you already enjoy. Don't pick your clothes in the hopes that other people will approve. Do your own thing, and though it may feel foreign at first, you'll soon come to realize that simply dressing the way you want to is the essential key to both looking and feeling great.

People never become self-assured because they find so-called magic accessories or outfits; any confidence you find in a particular item of clothing will be short-lived. True confidence comes from physical comfort and from the realization that you simply like what you're wearing, regardless whether you fancy the cut, color or style.

Of course, you can look good in comfortable clothes too. Picking skirts, blouses or even business-ready work clothes based on the types of styles you enjoy wearing is a great way to get a big confidence boost. When you've built a wardrobe that accommodates your most comforting natural preferences, you won't have as much to worry about on a daily basis.

Never Giving Up

Naturally, there are some who associate high style with embarrassment. Everyone has had her fashion failures, but you shouldn't let yours deter you from moving forward. Always keep in mind that cancer or no, you don't have to answer to anyone, and you don't have to justify your fashion choices either. If you see a new style or piece that you want to try, that's reason enough, and the only possible issue that should stop you from enjoying it is the way makes you feel when you put it on. Be comfortable with your body simply because you deserve to be, and change your fashion choices to fit your personality, not the other way around.


Laura Clayderman said...

I love it!such a great advice :)


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LOL, fashion power , go girl :)

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Great advice dear :) x

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lovely post, great words

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love it!great advice
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Such a great post dear! Love it :)

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FAshiOnistA ErA said...

Great post and completely agree with you, it's so very sad to see girls getting influenced by tv or celebs to try out things that don't support it.

Xoxo Hanz

StephieB said...

Thankyou so much for sharing - great! Stephie x

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ah you go girl! what a words!

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